U. 2012

Videofilm. 15 min.

Russian Online Tube. 2008-2011

Media painting. <…>

Russia upward! (with D. Zinchenko). 2010

Video-film about emotional experience of typical russian intellectual. <…>

The Way of Samodelkin. 2009/2011

Video-film “The Way of Samodelkin” (106 min.) by Vidiot art-group <…>

(in-)absence. 2009

Project consists of amateur photographs taken from online photo albums. <…>

Gold land. 2009-2010

3-channel video made in Saha, Yakutia. <…>

Maranatha. 2008-2009

Video-film researching psychogeography of Cheremushky. <…>

Emude. 2008

This artist book explores phenomena of amateur, personal photography. <…>

Soldiers. 2008

Project about political value of toy soldiers. Is to be demonstrated as slide projections.

Suitcase. (With E. Gavrilova), 2008

Old soviet suitcase. <…>

Out of my memory. 2008

In this project i used photographs from my childhood made by my father together with my recent selfportraits. I tried to research the distance in time between myself today and that person from other time and cultural space. What is in common? What stays and what is lost? <…>

LifeSpace (with E. Gavrilova). Permanent project.

Project is being made in Moscow suburb of photos and video taken through windows of our flat and inside the building. It consist of more than a thousand photographs made during several years and researches special visual space of city suburb. <…>

Art After Compression. 2007

Project about influence of digital compression on image, video and sound art. 3-channel video. <…>

Kotlin 2050 (together with E.Gavrilova). 2006-2007




Beyond Mask 2004-2006

Portrets with a mask made on polaroid camera and emultion manipulated, then enlarged and printed 50x50cm and mounted on aluminium. About 40 prints in this work. Can be showen as big prints together with original polaroids as well. <…>

Sens of a City 2004-2006

The project have been made with an old camera with her focusing system damaged. Photographes are printed 10x10cm, mounted on aluminium, more than 50 prints in collection. <…>

Selfprotection (together with E.Gavrilova). 2006

Seven 80x80cm prints.

Starting August the 6 of 1945 and decades later World lived being afraid of a Nuclear holocaust. <…>

“Metamorphosis” (together with E.Gavrilova), 2005

Slide strip on after writing “Metamorphosis” by F.Kafka. <…>

ArtBox, 2002-2006

Project made with an a very old digital camera (one of the first at the market) – Sony Mavica. In some conditions it gives very specific colors and works, in some way, like a perfect “ArtBox” making art of anything being put opposite. Such a ready-made photographs made by a machine. <…>

Bratislavians 2003


«Moscow Underground». 2002-2004

Project devoted to moscow metro. About beast under the city. About depersonalisation in crowd. It is supposed to be demonstrated with sound of underground.